Our Governors

Our Governing Body are a group of volunteers that work together as a team to ensure that the school provides the best education possible for its pupils.

The way our Governing Body is made up is set out in the 'School's Instrument of Government'. Community school governing bodies include representatives of the parents, Staff (Teaching and Non Teaching), Local Education Authority (LEA) and the wider community (Community Governors).

We hold both Full Governing body and sub-committee meetings each term to discuss topics relevant to School life.


Governor Type

Term of Office

Mr A. Farah (Chair) Co-opted 31.10.16 - 30.10.20
Mr P. Longland (Vice-chair) Co-opted 25.4.16 - 25.4.20
Mrs J. Ridgewell Headteacher/CEO since September 2014
Mr E. Rowe Headteacher 22.5.17 - 21.5.21
Mrs S. Chaudhry Co-opted 22.5.17 - 21.5.21
Mrs S. George Co-opted 8.9.18 - 7.9.22
Mr M. Kolia Co-opted 30.10.18 - 29.10.22
Mrs S. Kolia Co-opted 19.11.18 - 18.11.22
Mrs M. Singala Co-opted 30.10.18 - 29.10.22
Mr H. Mussa Co-opted 19.11.18 - 18.11.22

Specific Responsibilities

Safeguarding & Pupil Premium Mrs George
Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Mr Farah
E-Safety Mr Chaudhry
Finance Mr Mussa
Clerk to Governors Robyn Cooper
Complaint/Grievance/Pupil Discipline/
Staff Dismissal/Dismissal Appeals
All eligible governors -
panel of 3 on a rotating basis