Highfields Primary School

Part of the Attenborough Learning Trust

A National Support School


Our Rationale

At Highfields Primary school, we want to prepare children for a happy life. We not only want them to learn how to make a living but be confident in the world and know how to live a fulfilling life.

We follow the National Curriculum with subjects being taught both discretely and as part of carefully planned 'contexts'. Within these 'contexts' we carefully incorporate key skills as well as subject specific skills which are applied across the curriculum plan to give an holistic approach to learning, sometimes led by children's interests, whilst at the same time ensuring the development of individual subject skills and knowledge.

Below are the latest Curriculum Overviews for you to view.

A wide variety of teaching methods are used, which are designed to give children the chance to learn in different ways. Children are taught as a whole class with both group, paired and individual work also widely used.

The school curriculum encompasses a variety of learning opportunities that your child will experience whilst at school. It is planned with clear progression and cohesion to make learning experiences relevant and meaningful.

The framework of the National Curriculum is the basis on which learning is organised; National Curriculum subjects are sometimes taught separately, at other times we adopt a more thematic joint approach.

We consistently aim to build on your child's previous learning experiences and engage them in a level of work that is appropriate to their needs.

Attenborough Learning Trust Curriculum Statement