We want our children to explore the deep roots of wisdom and views found in religions across the world and learn to ask questions through their study of RE, to prepare them for the diverse landscape of modern Britain and producing learning that they are proud to share with others.

In addition, we want to prepare them for the diverse landscape of modern Britain; welcoming those of all faiths or none.

Religious Education increases knowledge and understanding and explores ways that religions inspire people to acts of compassion and service towards others. The distinctive contribution of religious education to the school curriculum allows children to build their own identity, and understand their culture and the cultures of others.

This helps children relate to others, and supports them in building the moral framework that is so important in guiding them as they grow into active and responsible members of the community. This links to our PSHE curriculum.

An important aim of RE is that children are encouraged to reflect on their learning and make their own decisions about what they believe. The aim of RE is not to make children into religious believers, but to understand that religion and world views influences and sustains many people in the world today, and to consider the wisdom of these traditions, and reflect on what they might take from it. We provide a space for all children to express their religion or for world view.